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Spontaneous Composition

Benjamin came to Vocal Improvisation in 2017 through Michael Gees at the HfMT Köln. He fell in love instantly with this forgotten art form within Classical Music. Till the mid-19th Century, Improvisation was a major component of education within music at the time and formed a key part of chamber music. This organic art form allows for an honesty, simplicity and uniqueness which audiences of other musical genres seem to crave and for which Classical Music has not yet provided an adequate answer. Benjamin and his collaborators George Warren and Michael Gees want to bring this art form to a wider audience to demonstrate we have found a solution which the institutions of Classical Music have, as of yet, failed to espouse. Spontaneous composition is the way forward for Classical Music as a genre!

If you don't yet believe us, see what we mean in the videos below!

This channel is coming soon!
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